Blackheads: causes and remedies

Blackheads: causes, remedies and all the tricks to eliminate them

Blackheads: causes and remedies 1

Blackheads are black-colored skin impurities that are formed by the dilation and opening of closed comedones or white spots.
These are accumulations of sebum and keratin that are collected inside the hair follicles and occlude them, forming closed comedones (or white points) or open. When the substances that compose them come into contact with the air, they oxidize and take on a dark color.
Comedones can be of various sizes and, unlike what is believed, they are not a typical phenomenon only of the young age: they depend more on the type of skin and on the hormonal activity.
Why do black spots form?
The blackheads are formed mainly in the areas of forehead, nose and chin because they are richer in sebaceous glands. Their appearance at a young age is due in part to hormones. The blackheads are related, in fact, to the hormonal activity of testosterone, responsible for the increase in sebum secretion which leads to the obstruction of the pores and the formation of blackheads, as we have explained previously.
However, the constitutional predisposition to having an impure skin even in adulthood means that blackheads are frequent even after adolescence, not only among young people.
In addition to hormonal causes and personal predisposition, other factors could also contribute to the formation of blackheads:
use of products that are too fat for skin care;
use of comedogenic oils to remove make-up or suntan oils;
bad habit of carefully removing make-up or, much worse, of not removing make-up and leaving impurities on the face;
sun exposure without protection (this can cause even more serious damage).
How to eliminate blackheads

The absolute first rule to avoid the formation of blackheads and eliminate the existing ones is to respect a correct daily skincare, morning and evening.
Carefully remove make-up and then continue with skin cleansing; we recommend aleppo soap with astringent and cleansing properties based on salicylic acid, also excellent for fighting acne and dark spots. Only after these steps, apply a good serum, for example a regularizing sebum product, and finish with eye contour and hydrant cream.
Facial sauna to do at home

One twice a month, give yourself a deeper cleaning: use the facial sauna. Bring some water to the boil, cover the head with a towel and stay for ten minutes with the face placed on the pan. You can add a few drops of essential tea tree oil to enhance the effect. The steam will make the pores dilate and you will be able to take advantage of it to squeeze the most mature black points (be careful not to torture the skin!) With a clean towel or gauze to leave no marks. Repeat the operation at least two or three times a month.
On the market you can find bulky and economical facial saunas.
Purifying scrub
After the facial sauna, the pores are open and ready to be purified. It is the right time to use a scrub: apply it to the face and massage for a long time, insisting on the most critical areas, ie the sides of the nose and the chin. Even after rinsing you will notice the skin on your face more luminous and less gray. Seeing is believing.
The patches
It is a plaster to be moistened with water and applied to the nose until it dries. After the shutter speed, the black points will remain on the patch, while your nose will be clean.
Natural remedies to eliminate blackheads
DIY masks to eliminate blackheads
The best known is the clay mask, used above all by those with oily and very impure skin. Buy it pure in herbal medicine and prepare your mask at home by adding water and an essential oil, such as tea tree oil with purifying and detoxifying properties.
Even the egg can help you cleanse the skin. Such as? Take the egg white, mix it with a little flour to obtain a thick paste. Apply to your face and let it dry. Then rinse with warm water.
An equally effective alternative is the tomato-based mask, with antiseptic, purifying and healing properties. Cut a tomato into very thin slices and leave it in place for 15 minutes, in the morning or evening. Then wash your face with a mild soap.
DIY plasters
Do you want to try creating a homemade plaster? In a microwave oven bowl mix one tablespoon of milk with one of gelatine, put in the oven for 10 seconds and then leave to cool (otherwise you will burn yourself!). Spread the mixture on the nose with the help of a brush and, after 10 minutes, gently tear it off.
In case of sensitive or allergic skin, ask your doctor or beautician for advice before using DIY remedies.
Other ways to fight blackheads
In addition to the remedies we’ve talked about, there are other ways to eliminate blackheads, but they need the intervention of a doctor and a beautician:
peeling: The peeling is intended to remove dead surface cells, freeing pores and promoting cell regeneration. It is performed in beauty or dermatological centers and involves the use of very aggressive products that cannot be used for DIY treatments. Salicylic acid is successfully used for the treatment of blackheads and seborrheic skin.
Drugs for topical use: It is necessary that these drugs are prescribed by a dermatologist after a specific medical examination that establishes their actual need.
Black dots: what should you not do?
The temptation is strong, true, but never crush blackheads with bare hands or dirty fingernails. You could ruin your skin with unsightly scars.

Avoid using the blackhead extractor, but if you want to try it, first soften the skin by applying a warm wet cloth to your face. If the black spot does not go away, do not worry: a black spot is better than an extra scar on your face!
Blackheads and lifestyle: prevention starts at the table
Having ascertained that an impure skin is part of the genetic baggage, if you want to fight blackheads you have to remember that nutrition and lifestyle are extremely important too.
Did you know that if you follow the rule “5 types of fruit and vegetables a day”, your body has the zinc necessary to reduce the sebum secretion of your skin? This mineral can help balance hormone levels as well as having an anti-inflammatory and keratoregulatory action. It is present in various foods: in fish and meat, in cereals (wheat germ and oats), in legumes, in dried fruit and seeds (pumpkin, sesame and sunflower), in yeast, milk, mushrooms, in cocoa and in egg yolk.
Follow an active lifestyle, reduce sugars, fat and sleep for at least 8 hours. Keep hydrated, drink at least one and a half liters of water. Finally, if you smoke, seriously consider quitting: this will benefit not only your skin, but your health in general.

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