7 beauty rules to always look perfect

7 beauty rules to always look perfect

7 beauty rules to always look perfect 1

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time and a lot of money to look at all 100. There is a small set of rules, adhering to which you can extend youth and beauty. Everything is very, very simple, the main thing is consistency and regularity!

Rule 1. Drink a glass of water every morning.

Leave a glass of water on the bedside table or cabinet. We woke up – and immediately to the glass. And then you can proceed to the water procedures (do not forget about the ice) and breakfast. One glass of water on an empty stomach creates magic! You start the body, restore fluid balance, accelerate metabolism, are cleansed of toxins. And, by the way, you will go to work, so to speak, lightly – because of the slight laxative effect of morning water intake. Water should not be boiled, but mineral without gas, at room temperature.

Rule 2. Don’t forget to wash off makeup at night.

Probably, every girl was in such a situation: after a hard day, I took a nap for five minutes and woke up in the morning with smeared shadows, oily skin and broken eyelashes. Yes, an unpleasant picture and a more unpleasant effect on the skin. The skin barely breathes under the foundation, the pores become clogged, skin fats do not get out, so they go deep into the pores. Disgusting pimples and black spots – this is a small part of the trouble. More serious skin inflammations may also occur. In addition, it provokes the appearance of wrinkles, especially under the eyes. The skin around the eyelids is very delicate, and the shadows have a drying property. Want to turn a delicate skin into parchment? Then carefully wash off the makeup. After all, this is a five minute deal!

Rule 3. Every morning, wipe your face with an ice cube

A very simple rule for which your skin will thank you. Brew chamomile tea (it is inexpensive and sold in any pharmacy), pour it into ice molds and in the freezer. And in the morning you can start the procedure. Immediately before washing, wipe your face with an ice cube, and you will immediately feel how your skin will wake up and shine. Do not drive to fanaticism: one cube is more than enough, and do not keep ice on the skin for a long time. Ice procedure strengthens blood vessels, improves skin elasticity and firmness. Do not forget – the ice should not stand in the freezer for more than five days. Brew new is not so difficult.

Rule 4. Take a contrast shower

Are you dreaming about elastic skin and want to forget about cellulite forever? A couple of minutes of water shock therapy every morning – and you are halfway to a dream. You do not have to torture yourself with icy water, start with a gentle temperature. Every day, try to lower the temperature. Contrast shower, first, just make you wake up. Secondly, the alternation of hot and cold water will strengthen your blood vessels, the walls of which will become more elastic, which affects the skin’s elasticity. So prepare close to each two-minute girl scream – and in the shower!

Rule 5. Apply before going to bed cream skin of hands and feet.

No wonder they say that the skin of the hands always betrays the real age of the woman. It is unfortunate that some girls sometimes forget about caring for their hands and neglect creams. Creams are simply necessary for such delicate skin, and especially in winter. Your heels, of course, will not betray your age. But it will be much more pleasant for your beloved man to feel velvety heels beside him than emery surface. Do not be lazy – apply the cream on the handle-legs, to heighten the effect, wear gloves and socks.

Rule 6. Do a light anti-cellulite massage every day.

Down with all the excuses about the lack of time and the high cost of anti-cellulite products. You probably find time to watch the next series of your favorite series? And what’s stopping you to watch TV, armed with a massage brush-mitten? Inexpensive cellulite cream, three drops of orange or grapefruit oil and a massage glove. We look series and three problem places. The main thing – do not get carried away and wipe up to irritation. The same can be done with wrapping. Black or blue clay (absolutely inexpensive and sold in any pharmacy), half a teaspoon of cinnamon and ginger, a few drops of citrus oil, a little water. Mix to the consistency of sour cream, spread on the body and turn around cling film. 5 minutes before the end of the series (35−40 minutes, keep the mask on the body) run to the bathroom to wash off.

Rule 7. Comb your hair at night.

If you are fond of varnishes, foams and mousses for styling, ideally, it would be better to wash your head. But if you are used to washing your hair in the morning in order to immediately put it in your hair, then you should carefully comb them. Do not tighten the hair in a tight bun, do not wear heavy and hard hairpins. So you break the blood circulation of the scalp, and this can lead to hair loss. It is better to collect the hair in a light tail and drag the tape. And do not go to bed with a wet head! Wet hair is very susceptible to traumatic effects and easily broken. Yes, and the morning installation is clearly not folded 

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